Hear from Satisfied Legal Clients in Rhode Island

When it first began to look like I might be heading for divorce, a family friend who is also an attorney suggested I contact Lauri Fine. My initial, free consultation with hertook place one January. She took the time to see me even though my husband and Iwere discussing attending marriage counseling at the time and I was not at all surewe would really be divorcing. Due to some medical issues with which I struggle, Iwas quite concerned about what my situation would entail if I did indeed dissolvemy marriage. Lauri made sure I understood the laws in Rhode Island and how they would affect me and the issues regarding custody, child support, etc. in regard to my specific situation.
Unfortunately I had reason to call on La uri again in August of the same year, this time as a definite soon-to-be divorcee. La uri recalled thoroughly my concerns fromour January consultation and was ready to represent me to the fullest extent of herabilities and knowledge of the divorce laws of our state. I came in with one idea ofhow my husband and I thought we should handle things. Lauri quickly, butrespectfully, explained how we needed to set things up in reality. She was always prepared to listen to my opinions and wishes, and she carried them out to the extent that they worked in the best interests of both me and my son.
I came through the whole process with my son living with me full time, joint custody(meaning my ex-husband and I both have a say in major decisions regarding our son), child support garnished weekly from his father's pay, and the visitation my ex and I agreed on. Anything I did not get, (alimony, for example) I either did not askfor or I chose to turn down based on our individual circumstances. Throughout the entire process, Lauri was prompt to respond to questions and concerns, and evenset up a meeting between my ex-husband, his attorney, Lauri, and me so that we could work together to iron out some of our issues without always going through a"middle man."
I would absolutely recommend anyone seeking strong counsel, ample experience,and thorough knowledge of the laws mixed with a sympathetic and respectful ear contact Lauri Fine. I could not have asked for better representation. Divorce is scary.Lauri smooths the way.
Coventry, RI
Several years ago, I was in need of a lawyer, I found myself in a difficult situation. At that time I had a little one & half year old daughter who I, of course, I loved deeply. I also found myself in a relationship with a woman that refused to be with me any more, she found someone else. I was going to throw in the towel until I talkedwith Ms Fine, a very good lawyer who was able to help me understand what I wasdealing with. Through a team effort and understanding the love I have for mydaughter I was able to get joint custody and joint physical possession. My attorneyLa uri Medwin Fine was a very tough negotiator and a bulldog in court. Thank you!
Warren, RI

I have known Lauri for a number of years and hired her as my attorney when I was going through the divorce process. Her dedication to her clients and her knowledgeand expertise in the field were two of the many reasons why I chose La uri torepresent me. La uri exemplifies professionalism both in and out of the court andher attention to detail is extraordinary. She is truly an advocate for her clients and I would highly recommend Lauri to anyone who is seeking divorce legal counsel.
North Kingstown, RI
Lauri was referred to me by an attorney in one of Rhode Island's largest law firms.She was sensitive to my needs, and to the needs of my family. Her guidance througha very stressful process was very helpful and she handled the opposing counsel withthe right amount of professional "toughness". She was knowledgeable, attentive,timely and I would not hesitate to recommend Lauri Medwin Fine as counsel in matters of RI family law.
Warwick, RI

Throughout the entire process, Lauri provided a deep understanding of things to come and kept me grounded. She has a way of taking the emotion out ofdiscussions, allowing me to make sound decisions for how best to proceed. I alwaysfelt prepared for court appearances and unavoidable conversations withex-husband. I was confident that she was working in the best interest of my family.
Cranston, RI

My husband and I had the honor of Lauri helping finalize our son's adoption. Inwhat could have been a very confusing and frustrating drawn out process La urireally helped to simplify all of the legwork that needed to be done in order to moveforward. She was always able to answer our questions and explain to even our sonwhat would the process would be like, from filing to paperwork and even what theproceedings would be like in the courtroom! Lauri is a joy to work with and always kept our goals in mind and made this occasion very special and family oriented!
~Erin and Stephen
North Kinstown, RI